Dalton Games : Pavonic


The streets, as usual, were empty. Formerly gleaming skyscrapers stood abandoned and half-decayed, vines beginning to climb up the concrete and metal structures and form bursts of greenery in the long-abandoned city. Grass and weeds muffled the sounds of a small teen’s shoes as he ran through the broken streets, hopping onto a raised section of asphalt and jumping across streams that came into his path, agile and familiar with the decaying world.

A slight scuffle made him freeze, all muscles tense as he listened carefully, eyes darting around him for the source of the noise. When another sound didn’t come, Sonic continued his run, though his steps were more careful and he stuck to the sides of the street, away from the more open - if easier to navigate - center. It was silent around him again, and he bemoaned the fact that his cat was making him take a detour from his supply run, keeping him out of his home longer than he liked.

The comfortable lack of sound lulled him into a sense of security, and was probably the reason he was so surprised when, as he turned a sharp corner, he ran into another human.

Sonic let out a small squeak as he began to fall back, but was saved from hitting the hard ground by the other, who quickly grabbed his arms to steady him.

“Woah, there,” a smooth, very male voice said, and Sonic glanced up to find dark eyes, equally black as his own, looking at him with concern. “What are you doing out here so late?”

“I - I was, I just - I, um -” Sonic stuttered, feeling his face grow hot under the blond man’s eyes. The man was attractive, there was no doubt - and fit, it his tight shirt was any indication. “Sorry,” he eventually squeaked out, then jerked out of the man’s grasp and ran, ignoring the man’s surprised shout after him.

He decided his cat would just have to survive.


“He’s doing it again.”

“I know - shut up.”



It’s the second time that week that Sonic was out running around after his damn cat, and he was getting rather sick of it’s theatrics. So he didn’t have the right kind of cat food that the brown cat liked - it doesn’t mean that he had to throw a fit and leave. What kind of cat does that? Sonic sighed, wanting to plot revenge against his cat, but he just felt guilty doing so. And besides, it’s not like he didn’t know his cat was overly dramatic when he found him, the cat having meowed loudly in protest when Sonic first picked it up, then glaring at him and following him home anyway. It took almost a month before the cat would allow Sonic to pet him, though he had no problem with accepting the offered food and shelter, going so far as to look appalled when Sonic moved his pile of blankets.

Sonic was jolted out of his musings - and really, he should know better than to drift off while not in the relative safety of his home - by running into someone again, just like a week ago when he ran into the handsome blond.

And speak of the devil. Sonic blushed as he once again looked into deep black eyes, but before he could stutter out an apology and run away, the man grabbed his arm.

“Hey, wait,” he said, his voice doing strange things to Sonic’s stomach, making him blush even harder. “What’s your name?”

“I, er…” Sonic looked down at his shoes, then quietly answered, “Sonic.”

“Sonic.” The man said the name like he was tasting it, trying out the feel of it in his mouth. His pink and rather soft looking mouth, which showed flashes of white, straight teeth when the lips moved, and the quick darting of tongue -

“I’m Pavarotti.”

Sonic blinked, startled out of his entirely inappropriate musings to think over the name. He frowned in confusion, then furrowed his brows wrinkled his nose. “That’s kind of an odd name.”

The man blinked, then raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure you have room to talk?”

Sonic blushed again, realizing how rude his comment was. “Sorry, I -” Something flashed in the corner of his vision, and his head snapped to the side just in time to see -

“Damn cat!” he yelped, turning quickly to run after his wayward roommate. The encounter with the blond man - Pavarotti - was filed away to think about later.


“It that normal?”

“Yes, it is.”



Sonic was walking home around midday, finished with he scavenging for the week, when he heard an odd sound, like something swishing quickly through air. He hesitated, because though he knew searching out strange noises in a mostly-hostile environment is a Bad Idea, he felt strangely drawn to investigate like he never has been before, and before he had consciously decided to sate his curiosity, he was moving through the destroyed streets towards where the sound came from, moving more surely when he heard the strange noise again, the faint whistling of air being displaced.

He entered a small clearing in the broken city - probably an empty lot due for renovation when the disease struck - and slinked carefully into the shadow of a large archway, his breath catching in his throat as he glanced through to the other side.

It was Pavarotti. Unlike during their previous encounters, however, the blond was shirtless and his sharp eyes aren’t focusing on Sonic. He was going through a series of movements, like the fighting talked in books from Before, and the faint whistling sound Sonic had heard came from a large, smooth knife in his hand, swirling and twisting sharply in the air. The bare skin of Pavarotti’s chest was tanned and gleaming with sweat, the bright blond of his hair darkened a bit from from it as well, and Sonic couldn’t stop the soft sound that escaped from his mouth, making Pavarotti spin around swiftly, eyes sharp and dangerous until they landed on Sonic.

The large eyes blinked, and Pavarotti tilted his head a bit to the side. There was a moment of stillness as they watched each other, Sonic’s face growing steadily hotter at Pavarotti’s unreadable stare. Pavarotti’s mouth opened, but before he could say anything, Sonic turned and fled.


“He’s rather cute.”

A laugh. “It’s why I wanted one.”

“He doesn’t seem to like me, though.”

“That’s because you’re scary.”



“Nonono,” Sonic moaned, lungs heaving and legs burning. He couldn’t stop running, though - the footfalls behind him were getting farther away, but he knew he wasn’t safe yet. It was a good thing he spent most of his days jogging, or the men behind him would have caught him easily.

Sonic wasn’t sure he’d still be alive, if they had.

He nearly screamed in terror, then, as he rounded a corner and ran straight into the firm chest of another man.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” came a familiar, if a bit winded, voice.

“Sorry,” Sonic gasped, frozen from surprise. “Sorry, I just -”

He broke off with a wince as he heard the footsteps grow louder. Neither the motion nor the sound went unnoticed by the taller man, who’s eyes narrowed, and he pushed Sonic protectively behind him just as a group of Hunters turned the corner.

“Ay, mate,” the leader shouted at Pavarotti, “let ‘im go. We spotted ‘im foist.”

“I honestly doubt that,” Pavarotti answered stiffly. It wasn’t the same calming tone that he’d used on Sonic, and if he hadn’t been frozen in fear of the Hunters, Sonic would have run from the dangerous promise lurking in the smooth voice.

The Hunter’s eyes narrowed. “Then how’s about this - you let us have ‘im, or we’ll take care o’ you foist.”

In a flash, the knife Sonic had seen him practicing with was in Pavarotti’s hand, and the blond had shifted into a fighting stance, Sonic still firmly behind him. “I’d love to see you try.”

Wary glances were passed between the group of Hunters, and Sonic held his breath until they turned and, with a few parting jeers and glares at Pavarotti, quickly left. Only when their footfalls had gone nearly silent did Pavarotti relax, and turn back to Sonic. The short teen couldn’t help but wince at the dark look in Pavarotti’s eyes before they changed back into his safer persona, going concerned at Sonic’s obvious fear.

“Are you all right?” He asked softly, carefully extending his hand towards Sonic, but drawing back when the teen winced and cowered away.

“I-I’m fine,” Sonic stuttered out, eyes wide. “Thank - thank you.”

Then he ran.


“He looks like he’s running.”

“I think that happens with most animals. Dog’s also do it when the dream.”

“I thought he’d just curl up in a ball.”

“He usually does.”



The howls were getting closer, and Sonic was nearly mindless with panic, crashing through the undergrowth as he sprinted back to the city. He knew he was close, so close to the border, but the Beasts were close as well, and he didn’t know if he’d be able to get through the fence in time.

But he had to try. It was better than waiting to get torn apart by the monstrous creatures, twisted versions of wild pack animals from Before, with glowing yellow-orange eyes and misshapen muscles and large teeth.

Sonic nearly sobbed when he saw the fence, and was almost all the way through the small opening into the city when he felt teeth sink into his leg and begin to pull him out. He screamed, fingers scrambling in the dirt for purchase against the pull, when there was suddenly a loud bang, and the creature pulling at him went limp. Then strong arms were helping him through the fence and away from the angry growling of the creatures until he was sure against an increasingly familiar form.

“Are you insane?!” Pavarotti all but yelled, dropping the still-hot gun onto the ground and running his hands swiftly over Sonic’s form. “What the fuck were you doing out of the city in the dark?

“I didn’t - I wasn’t, I -” Trembling, Sonic clutched his scavenged supplies closer, eyes large and terrified. “The, the Hunter were there and - and I couldn’t get b-by without getting caught so I had to wait b-but then it was already d-dark and I had to try -”

“Right,” Pavarotti said, and ran his hand through his hair, agitated. “Do you even know how to fight?”

Sonic shook his head.

Pavarotti cursed. Then with a small glare, he slid his arms under Sonic’s legs and back, lifting him easily from the ground. Sonic yelped in shock and started to struggle, but Pavarotti just ignored him, carrying him a short ways to a hidden staircase and into a well-lit room, torches lining the walls and a mattress tucked into a corner. A soft one, Sonic found out as Pavarotti carefully placed him on it with a glare and order to stay put. Sonic obeyed readily, eyes glancing curiously about the room until they landed on -

“Is that Julian?” He yelped incredulously.

Pavarotti glanced at him from where he was rummaging in a cupboard, then over to where Sonic was staring and chuckled. “Is that his name?” Pavarotti asked, amused, then selected a bottle and walked back to Sonic. “I was wondering why he looked so healthy.”

Sonic continued to stare. On top of a pile of blankets was his cat. But not just his cat - curled around the brunet short-hair was a larger cat with hair the same color as Pavarotti’s, with sharp green eyes that glared briefly at Sonic’s staring, before going back to his previous task of licking Julian’s face.

And Julian was purring.


What had the cat done to him?

He was about to stand up and steal Julian away from the green-eyed seductor when Pavarotti carefully pushed the pant leg of his wounded limb up, eyeing the bleeding bite with consideration.

“It’s not too deep,” Pavarotti said with obvious relief. “But his is still going to sting a bit.”

Sonic had opened his mouth to ask what would sting, but then Pavarotti poured a liquid over the mark and it came out as a pained shriek, which startled both the cats. It was mollifying to see Julian puff up and hiss at Pavarotti, though he was kept down by the blond cat around him. Pavarotti just rolled his eyes at the angry cat - which made Julian yowl furiously at him - and continued to clean Sonic’s wound, slathering on a thick ointment and wrapping the bite in a bandage when he was done.

“You should stay here tonight,” he said as he cleaned up the medical supplies. At Sonic’s obviously hesitant frown, he smiled. “It’s probably begun to rain already, and I don’t want the bandage getting ruined.”

Sonic bit his lip. He knew it wasn’t the only reason the blond man wanted him to stay, but he still felt instinctively safe around the tall man. Though the green-eyed cat made Sonic nervous.

“Okay,” he agreed, looking shyly up at Pavarotti through his lashes.

His acquiescence was answered with a pleased smile. “Wonderful,” Pavarotti said, and stood. “I’ll get you some pajamas to change into.”

Once he tossed Sonic a pair of soft sleeping pants, Pavarotti left to change into his own. Sonic was grateful for the privacy, as though he felt safe around the tall man, he was still quite shy around other humans, especially ones as attractive as his friend. Julian jumped onto the bed once he was changed and under the blankets, and Sonic cooed at the brown cat, though petting him earned and glare and growl from the other cat.

“Logan, be nice,” Pavarotti said, re-entering the room, also only wearing a pair of sleeping pants. Sonic blushed and glanced away, only to see Logan pounce on Julian, who rolled onto his back submissively as Logan licked his face again, both of them purring loudly.

“Oh my god,” Sonic said in realization. “Are they -”

“Yes.” Pavarotti wrinkled his nose and glared at the two cats. “It’s why I was out of here when you were looking for Julian.” At Sonic’s horrified look, he grimaced. “Yeah. I didn’t want to see it.”

Sonic turned his horrified look onto the cats, but Logan just glared back, and Julian had started licking at Logan’s ears. “Oh my god.”

Pavarotti snorted, then crawled onto the bed. Pavarotti blushed as the man slid under the covers, and curled onto his side. He blushed harder when Pavarotti’s arm draped over his waist, then Pavarotti murmured a soft “Goodnight” in his ear and went still.

It was a long time before Sonic was able to sleep.


“We should wake him.”

“But Lo, he’s so cute.”

A sigh. “I can’t believe you.”



Sonic humed at the soft hand stroking his hair, and opened his eyes to find Pav watching him.

“You know,” the blond said, trailing a finger across his cheek, “you may as well move in. It’s not like you sleep at your place, anyway.”

Blushing, Sonic curled into himself, dragging the sheet up over his bare skin. It drew a laugh from Pav, who leaned over to kiss his cheek, jaw, then down his neck, soothing kisses that soon had Sonic relaxed again.

It was, as ever, his undoing - for as soon as Sonic relaxed completely, Pav’s fingers were darting over his ribs, making Sonic shriek with laughter and try to squirm away. But Pav was always faster and stronger, and soon Sonic was in his lap, back against Pav’s chest as the blond continued to torment him, only stopping when Sonic was breathless with laughter.

Wrapping his arms around Sonic’s waist, Pav gently kissed Sonic’s neck. “Will you move in with me?” He asked, softer and more vulnerable than before.

Sonic turned his head to kiss Pav on the cheek, then glanced over to where Julian and Logan were once again curled up on the blankets, watching their masters with disdainful boredom.



“Jules, wake him up. We should get going.”

“Oh, fine.”

“Soooonic~” Daddy’s voice cooed, and something tickled at Sonic’s tummy, making him squirm. “It’s time to wake up, baby.”

“‘Baby’?” Another voice asked. “You call your hedgehog ‘baby?’”

“Shut up, Logan. There’s daddy’s baby Sonic,” Daddy cooed again as Sonic’s eyes blinked open, his Daddy’s bright grin filling his vision. “Good morning, little one.”

“Oh my god. What is wrong with you?”

Daddy’s eyes rolled at the blond’s words, and his hands came down around Sonic, lifting him from the soft blanket he’d been sleeping on. “You’ll understand one day, when you have a pet you adore and love.”

The blond rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Jules. Just put Sonic in his cage and let’s go.”

“We still have a half hour before we need to leave,” Daddy said, glancing at the thing on the wall with a frown.

“Well, yes,” The blond’s grin made Sonic squirm unhappily, reminded of the bad men from his dream. “But that’s not factoring in the fact that I want to push you against the wall and molest you.”

Daddy laughed, and set Sonic down carefully in his cage.. “I suppose you’re right.”

Sonic blinked and yawned as the blond pulled Daddy from the room. The blond boy was scary sometimes, but at least he made Daddy happy.

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